A decade of GDG Chennai!

av TalkOverFlow | Publicerades 10/3/2020

Grab your headphones and join us as we travel back in the sands of time to the roots of GDG Chennai. Looking back to those nostalgic days almost around decade back and sharing our experiences on how we started this beautiful community. Let us hear it directly from Karthik & Jeyanthan, the duo who created this community. Guests of this episode we are grateful to Karthik is CEO at Skcript, a company where great people come together to build great things. Jeyanthan works at Atlassian as a Devtools Support Engineer. He is forever fond of open source, community and technology. TalkOverFlow - A podcast about people behind the tech.  Listen on your favorite podcast client Anchor - Apple Podcasts - Breaker - Google Podcasts - Overcast - Pocket Casts - Radio Public - Spotify - RSS link -

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