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How not to fail your digital transformation

av Tech Brains Talk | Publicerades 5/4/2021

In this episode, Flavilla is joined by David Bloch. They discuss how not to fail your digital transformation. David Bloch is a New Zealand born technologist specialising in data science and artificial intelligence.  His track record spans twenty years in emergent technologies focusing on software development, digital activation, and adoption strategies to create compelling solutions to business problems. David recently joined Domino Data Lab as an evangelist to promote their enterprise-class data science platform.  David also partners with many startups providing advice, mentoring, and growth strategies based on his experience as a founder and consultant for technology companies.To connect with David, CLICK HERETo visit Domino Data Lab's website, CLICK HEREJoin Tech Brains Talk mailing list for more perks, CLICK HERETo find out more about 3 Colours Rule Agency, CLICK HERE

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