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TCL #30

Today's a life day and I talk about my personal life, which may help others explain some of why I've been dealing with depression for over 20+ years. I do chat about social media a bunch and whom knows perhaps you're having similar issues or the exact opposite experience as me, either way, insightful data inside. --- Support this podcast:

Om Podcasten

3D goes unscripted about how he does tech and cryptotech in his life currently while using his past to help explain points of view. 3D will be talking about 3 major topics: Technology, Cryptotechnology & Life. What can you learn here: How to accept, collect, hold, build on top of & earn more cryptocurrency with or without money upfront. Using real life history, one can learn important reasons for changing bad habits for good habits. Learning about mobilized technology and from a consumer's perspective of how technology changed over the years. ☢️💚 Tip here: Support this podcast: