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How tech can help pro sports recover from major disruption

av Tech Insights | Publicerades 5/17/2021

With NBA and NHL playoffs starting this week, we're revisiting this episode on how pro sports are modernizing. Originally aired Aug. 19, 2020. COVID disrupted pro sports leagues around the world just like it disrupted the rest of society. The implications for this multi-billion dollar industry are still being realized. At the moment, we have players competing in empty stadiums so we can all watch it on TV. Some leagues have collected all of their players and team staff in isolated "bubbles" to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Tied to it all is a lot of new technology. At first blush, it looks like tech to help keep players healthy. But look a bit closer and you might realize this is an accelerating trend towards an enhanced understanding of player performance. Coming in off the sidelines to put some points on the board now is Hans Eckman, principal research director in Applications at Info-Tech Research Group.

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