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Intel's federal CTO on ransomware crisis and AI in military

av Tech Insights | Publicerades 7/12/2021

*Correction: In the podcast we refer to the federal government's IT budget as $90 trillion. The intent was to say $90 billion. The U.S. federal government is spending more than $90 billion on IT in 2021. That's a lot of Benjamins. When you consider that the Pentagon is reconsidering a $10 billion cloud computing contract on its own, and that federal agencies are trying to investigate the rise in ransomware across the country, you realize it's totally plausible. Add in the fact that spending on AI in government is seeing rapid growth, and you realize the spending is likely to go up from here. To discuss how the government is approaching IT, how it could combat ransomware, and even make use of AI we speak with a special guest on Tech Insights this week - Steve Orrin is the federal chief technology officer at Intel. Want to learn more about government modernization? Read Info-Tech's Gov 2.0: government as a Platform blueprint. https://www.infotech.com/research/ss/gov-2-0-government-as-a-platform

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