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Will the semiconductor supply shortage disrupt your business?

av Tech Insights | Publicerades 4/12/2021

Did you see that the new Apple car came out? Well, almost. The Wall Street Journal did a tongue in cheek arts and crafts project for a video it released on April 5. The video features an iPhone that’s been modified to look like a car. It looks pretty fun. But the really interesting part is the demonstration of how many components an iPhone and a car have in common. The Wall Street Journal made this video to show us why it makes sense that Apple would even try to make a car. In doing so, they make another compelling point. Computer chips, or semiconductors, are ubiquitous. They are in so many different products that we use every day. Phones. Cars. Toys. Even light bulbs. And guess what? The world is facing a chip shortage. It’s causing major supply line issues and production slowdowns in various industries. Some are calling it ‘chipaggedon’. I think that’s pretty dramatic, so maybe I’ll call it the silicon slowdown.  President and CEO of ventureLAB Melissa Chee joins us. And we also have John Annand, our infrastructure practice lead at Info-Tech.

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