Highlights from Tesla’s Shareholder Meeting, What to Expect From Q3 Tech Earnings & Wrapping Up Facebook’s Rough Week

Our anchors kick off this Friday morning with CNBC’s Dom Chu to check in on tech’s volatile week. Then, CNBC’s Phil LeBeau is here to cover the highlights from Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting yesterday. Next, Datatrek Co-Founder Nick Colas joins to discuss what to expect from Q3 earnings for Big Tech. We also have ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott and Celonis Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alexander Rinke on their new partnership to redefine how work flows. Later, The New Yorker Contributor Charles Duhigg is here to give his take on Tesla, saying most shareholders don’t hold on because of fundamentals, but because they believe. Plus, CNBC’s Kate Rooney is here to cover the surge of venture capital investing in Latin America. And later, New York Times Business Columnist Kevin Roose joins to talk Facebook after the company’s rough week.

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