Tech Bouncing Back, Upfront Ventures Partner Mark Suster on Investment Outlook & TCV Founding General Partner Jay Hoag Talks Netflix

Our anchors kick off the show from the Code Conference in Los Angeles with reactions to Elon Musk’s comments on crypto yesterday. Then, Plexo Capital Managing Partner Lo Toney joins to cover more the themes from the conference. We also get Toney’s reaction to comments from European Commission Executive VP Margrethe Vestager on regulating Big Tech from her interview with CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla. Next, Upfront Ventures Partner Mark Suster joins our anchors at Code to discuss his investment outlook and which categories he sees opportunity in. Later, TCV Founding General Partner Jay Hoag joins to give his take on the market as well as Netflix and the broader streaming space. Plus, CNBC’s Julia Boorstin brings us her interview with WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar where he says he sees Amazon, not Netflix, as their biggest competitor. And later, DocuSign CEO Dan Springer is here to talk future growth of the company, whose stock has tripled in 2020.

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