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How Do I Get to the Root of My Pain?

av Tell Me About Your Pain | Publicerades 8/12/2020

Living with chronic pain means living with chronic worry. But it's actually this fear, frustration, and despair around the pain that keeps your pain signals activated. Even once you know how destructive these thought patterns are, it’s so hard to keep your mind from going there. In this episode, Alan and Alon explain why your brain keeps pulling you to pain, and how you can break this habit. Alan talks to Chris, a chronic pain sufferer with so much fear and frustration around his pain, he can think of little else. Alan teaches him a new technique to calm these thoughts, cutting off the fuel source for his pain. Then Alan and Alon describe how you can use this same technique to overcome your own pain.

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When it comes to chronic pain, everyone has a unique story to tell. But when it comes to the fears, doubts and struggles around pain, we all have much more in common. Join hosts Alan Gordon, LCSW (Founder of the Pain Psychology Center) and Alon Ziv as they respond to the experiences of real chronic pain sufferers and provide techniques based on the latest neuroscience to help listeners overcome chronic pain. Powered by Curable, an online program that teaches people to use evidence-based techniques to relieve chronic pain. For updates and more information about Tell Me About Your Pain, visit curablehealth.com/tellmeaboutyourpain