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What Is Somatic Tracking, and How Can It Help My Pain?

av Tell Me About Your Pain | Publicerades 6/17/2020

Alan and Alon introduce somatic tracking, the most effective technique they’ve found for overcoming chronic pain. Somatic tracking teaches your brain to reinterpret signals from your body through a lens of safety, thus deactivating the pain. Alan talks to Stephen (chronic back pain), Amber (fibromyalgia), and Felicia (chronic neck pain). Alan guides each of them through somatic tracking exercises, helping them to neutralize their fear and alleviate their symptoms. Then, Alan and Alon break down the different components of somatic tracking, and explain how you can use this technique to eliminate your own pain.

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When it comes to chronic pain, everyone has a unique story to tell. But when it comes to the fears, doubts and struggles around pain, we all have much more in common. Join hosts Alan Gordon, LCSW (Founder of the Pain Psychology Center) and Alon Ziv as they respond to the experiences of real chronic pain sufferers and provide techniques based on the latest neuroscience to help listeners overcome chronic pain. Powered by Curable, an online program that teaches people to use evidence-based techniques to relieve chronic pain. For updates and more information about Tell Me About Your Pain, visit curablehealth.com/tellmeaboutyourpain