1.1 - THAT PODCAST with SOPHIE DUKER... where Keanu Reeves saves us all using the power of dreams – PART ONE

THAT PODCAST... where Keanu Reeves saves us all using the power of dreams, and we take some LSD in order to confront the unconfrontable things in life – PART ONEIn a time when people have been haunted by pandemic-influenced dreams (a weird amount of which seem to feature Keanu Reeves battling Coronavirus), host Sophie Duker delves into the weird and wonderful world of dreamscapes, hallucinations and nightmares. Part 1 of the episode features original commissions from Matilda Ibini and Abbie Spallen, as well as a conversation with scientist and director of the DrEAMSLab research centre Dr Caroline Horton, and contributions from lucid dreamers and quarandreamers. Episode 1, Part 1 credits: Host - Sophie DukerGuest - Dr Caroline Horton Commissioned pieces: The Emperor, Warhol and The Queen by Abbie SpallenChow chow - Kathy Kiera ClarkeDirector - John R. WilkinsonSound Designer - Alexandra Faye BraithwaiteWriter - Abbie Spallen Don’t Panic, Don’t Move by Matilda IbiniThe reader - Paapa EssieduDirector - Jennifer BakstSound Designer - Max PappenheimWriter - Matilda Ibini Host script - Jennifer Bakst and Sophie DukerTestimonials Research - Aina J. KhanInterview sound recording - James HingleyMusic – BMG Production MusicProduction Co-ordinator - Madeleine SharmaAssistant Producer - Ben QuashieProducers - Andrew Hughes and Sarah Jane MurraySeries Producer - Ben WalkerCommissioning Editor - Jennifer BakstExecutive Producers - Robert Delamere and Richard TwymanTHAT PODCAST is a Storyglass and ETT co-production See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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A new magazine-style 12-part series that tells the story of a nation and a world in rapid transition featuring original commissions and performances from some of the UK’s most exciting names in contemporary arts and entertainment.That Podcast is a co-production between Storyglass and ETT. Executive Producers: Robert Delamere & Richard Twyman, Commissioning Editor: Jennifer Bakst, Producers: Andrew Hughes & Sarah Jane Murray, Series Producer: Ben Walker. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.