The 2020’s Enterprise with Sam Holcman

Architecting for the Cloud and the Cloud Repatriation Movement

av The 2020’s Enterprise with Sam Holcman | Publicerades 4/22/2020

The cloud is often discussed as offering the potential for better technology and business agility, but moving computing resources has two sides. The benefits are often mentioned and discussed. Some information technology leaders are learning that running certain applications in the cloud can cost more than doing so on-premises, and can add complexity and security concerns not fully appreciated in the “rush” to the cloud, leading them to rethink their strategies, and bring certain applications back in house. A recent study by IDC says that 85 percent of technology managers saying they were repatriating computer applications from the cloud. A staggering number that is actually not getting much press or attention. To those that remember or study a bit of history in the rise and decline in “time-sharing” computing of decades ago, this should not be of a totally surprise. We will outline our EACOE Enterprise Architecture analysis approach on rationalizing cloud/in-house strategies.

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