A Quiet Place Part 2

In A Quiet Place Part 2, Writer-Director (and sometimes actor) John Krasinski returns with the second of what is destined to be at least three movies set in this apocalyptic world where Emily Blunt and children are just trying to survive, this time with the help of Cillian Murphy. We talk about the increase in special effects, difference in character arcs between the two movies and the most effective jump scares. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Here Check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/actorandengineer and follow us on twitter @actorengineer

Om Podcasten

This is a film podcast by two people that come at movies from different angles. Paul is a trained actor and Josh is a broadcast engineer. They have lively conversations about all aspects of old and new films: technical, emotional, acting, directing, writing, music, special effects, and more. Check out the website at www.actorandengineer.com and email actorandengineer@gmail.com.