How to Get Agency Clients Using Content (Organic)

Are you creating content for your agency? No, not for your clients, for YOUR business. I didn't think so. This video breaks down a tried and true content strategy that is guaranteed to keep your pipeline full if you execute it.0:00 - Intro1:30 - Simplifying content 2:54 - Solve problems, make money4:00 - The 5 pieces of content you MUST create6:48 - Over the shoulder example 111:17 - Over the shoulder example 2 (SEO for doctors)13:42 - Over the shoulder example 3 (SEO for Shopify stores)16:50 - Over the shoulder example 4 (SEO for B2B SaaS)18:22 - How to come up with content ideas 21:11 - Join our community for marketing Pros

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