Give Thanks This Holiday Season

Our holiday wish — give flight attendants chocolate, not problems. In this episode, we provide tips on how to get to your destination safely and on time for the holidays. Maximize your travel experience and enjoy the magic of flight. Get the inside story on why it's so important to follow cabin crew instructions, how to deal with disruptive passengers, and how to prepare for flying with children, and more. Also, learn about what FAA is doing to prepare for major traffic changes during the holiday season and beyond. You'll hear from: Sara Nelson, the International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, and Lakisha Price, the Air Traffic Manager at FAA's Command Center. Remember, flight attendants are trained professionals who are on board for your safety. Thank them for their service with good behavior, kind words, and chocolate (as you'll hear in this episode)! To learn more about safe holiday travel, listen to our previous podcast episode, Travel Safe this Holiday Season.

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