How to Become a Technician

Have you ever wanted to start a career in aviation? Well, becoming an aviation technician might be the right path for you! In this week's episode, we're exploring what it means to be a technician for the FAA and in the aviation industry. Technicians have the skills and hands-on training to maintain and repair a wide array of equipment and technology that pilots and controllers rely on for navigation and communication, flight-tracking technology, runway lights and much more. The skills of a technician are absolutely necessary to ensure that all air travelers arrive at their destinations safely and on time. You'll hear from FAA's Cody Johnson, a district facilities group manager for Technical Operations; Jim Woodruff, who is working to ensure technicians have the proper training; and Krista Jeppsen, who oversees 14 technicians at King Salmon System Support Center in Alaska. Learn more about Airway Transportation Systems Specialists.

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