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25. 2020 Revisited

av The Aligned Podcast | Publicerades 12/31/2020

In this episode we revisit 2020 with gratitude. We share the highs and lows that impacted us this year, with the biggest theme for both of us being learning through relationships. We unraveled subconscious beliefs and patterns that catapulted us through our ascension. We laughed, we cried, and struggled through tough lessons, however we made it through!  We are so grateful to close out this unprecedented year and season with you all! Thank you for your continued support. You all worked so hard to get to this point in your journey. Remember that you are never too late, as the universe places you in the right place and the right time for your souls greatest evolvement. We can now close the door on 2020, welcoming the new year with the highest intention for humanity.  What was your biggest challenge in 2020? Did you move with the energy of change or did you find it challenging to shift or let go? What are you most grateful for in 2020? What's your intention for 2021?  ANNOUNCEMENTS! Get your tickets to our moon circle on 1/12/21 at 5:30pm  The Illuminate Series by Jessica Meils is open for enrollment! This is a 12 week mentorship that is customized to fit your needs. Throughout the series you will learn tools to heal your energetic body, activate your intuition and connect you with your higher wisdom. Jess is offering three levels of transformation. For more details click here! This series is set to begin the week of 1/11/21. Ali Ofstedal is now offering private mentorship and private coaching to help you connect with and integrate you higher self, activate your gifts and embody who came here to be. Enrollment is now open and set to begin 1/11/21. For more details click here! We hope you find this episode helpful as you navigate this energetically charged climate. Thank you to everyone for the beautiful emails, messages and reviews. They truly mean the world to us. If you know someone who will be moved by this episode, please share!Also please subscribe, rate and review the episode Do you have questions? Please submit them in your written review. We will choose them randomly and answer them on the show. Let's stay connected! Follow us on Instagram: @thealignedpodcast Your hosts of The Aligned Podcast Ali Ofstedal: @aliofstedal Jessica Meils: @peoplecallmejess  

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A conversation between friends, Jessica Meils, spiritual medium and intuitive healer, and Ali Ofstedal, astrologer and intuitive healer. Sharing their experiences as they navigate a purposeful life aligned. Discussing what it’s like to be in flow with the universe, sharing the tools they’ve used to access their intuition, clear fear and limiting beliefs, trust the pings, and bring forth healing into their daily lives. This podcast is for anyone curious about their own spiritual path, regardless of where they’re at in their journey.