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31. Back To The Body

av The Aligned Podcast | Publicerades 3/2/2021

On this week’s episode, we dive into the topic of embodiment. We discuss how our childhood wounding and conditioning have created our shared dissociative pattern of leaving the body when feeling trigggered, and how this pattern has affected our relationships, both past and present. We discuss how our awareness of this tendency has been a gateway for tremendous healing. And why feeling safe and whole within this physical form unlocks doors for deepening into our relationships and this human experience. Through various modalities, we’ve been navigating the practice of staying centered, even which triggers arise. We also share with you an exciting announcement - our day retreat in the mountains of Topanga Canyon on April 17th. We’re so excited to share more information with you in the next coming days. Thank you to everyone for the beautiful emails, messages and reviews. They truly mean the world to us. If you know someone who will be moved by this episode, please share! Also please subscribe, rate and review the episode Do you have questions? Please submit them in your written review. We will choose them randomly and answer them on the show. Let's stay connected! Follow us on Instagram: @thealignedpodcast Your hosts of The Aligned Podcast Ali Ofstedal: @aliofstedal Jessica Meils: @peoplecallmejess

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A conversation between friends, Jessica Meils, spiritual medium and intuitive healer, and Ali Ofstedal, astrologer and intuitive healer. Sharing their experiences as they navigate a purposeful life aligned. Discussing what it’s like to be in flow with the universe, sharing the tools they’ve used to access their intuition, clear fear and limiting beliefs, trust the pings, and bring forth healing into their daily lives. This podcast is for anyone curious about their own spiritual path, regardless of where they’re at in their journey.