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PREVIEW Aliquot #16: Time-restricted eating for better metabolic health - Part 1 

av The Aliquot Preview | Publicerades 2/25/2021

Time-restricted eating, which involves taking in food within a small window of time during the day and fasting for the remainder, can improve certain biomarkers of health – even without weight loss – to improve overall health. In Part I of this two-part segment, Drs. Satchin Panda and Ruth Patterson describe how eating following the body's circadian clock – eating during the day and fasting at night – enables the body to focus on repair rather than on the digestion of food.   These Aliquot segments feature Dr. Satchin Panda, a circadian biology expert at the Salk Institute; and Dr. Ruth Patterson, a cancer researcher at UCSD.   You can see the original full interview with Dr. Panda on YouTube:   FoundMyFitness episode page:   You can see the original full interview with Dr. Patterson on YouTube:   FoundMyFitness episode page:

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