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PREVIEW Aliquot #2: Q&A Mashup - Sauna

av The Aliquot Preview | Publicerades 2/25/2021

This collection of clips covers some of the many health benefits associated with sauna use, including heat shock protein activation, cardiovascular health, muscle mass preservation, and more. The complete episode, which is found on our member's only feed:  'the Aliquot', has the following timeline:    00:00 - Implications of sauna bathing on risk of pneumonia and respiratory illnesses 01:00 - Sauna use and the common cold. 01:57 - Sauna and improved lung function 02:30 - Finnish sauna, humidity and the immune system 07:00 - What are the effects of sauna and hot baths on heat shock proteins and the immune system? 11:25 - Temperature and duration of sauna bathing to obtain the cardiovascular benefits 15:30 - Rhonda’s sauna practices. 16:14 - What are your recommendations for infrared sauna temperature and time? 18:45 - Do infrared saunas work as well as conventional saunas? 18:47 - Comparing the efficacy and safety of infrared saunas vs conventional saunas. 24:03 - At what temperature and how long do you need to stay in the sauna to activate heat shock proteins? 26:50 - Does sauna use promote excretion of heavy metals such as arsenic?  29:12 - Are there ways of mimicking sauna use without regular access to a sauna? 29:14 - Heat stress response from various types of heat stress modalities. 31:24 - Whole body hyperthermia similar to the sauna improves drug-resistant depression 33:55 - If compounds such as metformin, resveratrol and vitamin E counteract exercise-induced hormesis, would this be true for other stressors such as the sauna, fasting, broccoli sprouts, polyphenols? 33:57 - How does sauna use mimic moderate cardiovascular exercise? 35:47 - Considerations for children using saunas. 37:06 - How does fasting affect human growth hormone and IGF-1 in respect to muscle mass? 37:08 - Sauna activates growth hormone. 38:10 - What are 3-5 things that promote longevity that most people don’t know about. 38:12 - Sauna regimen for longevity. 39:50 - Time, temperature, and frequency to get longevity benefits and heat shock proteins. 43:30 - Can saunas be used during fasting to preserve more muscle and increase fat burning? 43:32 - Sauna use while fasting. 45:50 - Can saunas be used to treat headaches? 45:52 - Thoughts on sauna use for tension headaches. 47:27 - How sauna use can increase the absorption of chemicals that are on the skin.

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