Two Technicians Talking Charts w/ Ian McMillan

JC Parets · Two Technicians Talking Charts w/ Ian McMillan In this podcast episode I sit down with Ian McMillan to talk charts and answer the question: Why Technical Analysis? Ian makes some good points about Financial Advisors who “buy and hold”, that you can often find at the golf course. He’s always striving to be the opposite of that. When it comes to the market, we dive right in to talk market internals, major trends, Gold, Energy and Bitcoin. Ian and I have known each other for years so it’s always fun to catch up and see what’s on his mind. Enjoy! Click here return to the episode page

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The Allstarcharts Podcast on Technical Analysis Radio is a series of interviews with the best Technical Analysts in the world. While host JC Parets does discuss process and philosophy with each guest, Technical Analysis Radio is designed to get real time perspective on current market conditions from the most important minds in the business.