Grab ‘em by the data: gender, technology and systems of oppression

On this week’s episode, Alina Utrata talks to Stefanie Felsberger, a PhD in Gender Studies at Cambridge University, and Muskan Shafat, an MS in Data and Society at the London School of Economics, about gender and technology. They discuss the myth of neutral tech, how technology is embedded in systems of oppression, why using a dishwasher isn’t considered “technological innovation” and whether some AI is just machine learning for eugenics. You can follow Stefanie Felsberger on Twitter @Flsbrgr, Muskan Shafat @muskanmaraz, Alina Utrata @alinautrata and the Anti-Dystopians podcast on Twitter @AntiDystopians. Or sign up for the AD email newsletter: episodes of the Anti-Dystopians are hosted and produced by Alina Utrata, and are freely available to all listeners. To support the production to the show, visit: mentioned in the podcast:Race After Technology by Ruha BenjaminAlgorithms of Oppression by Safiya NobleProgrammed Inequality by Mar HicksWeapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’NeillWhat Tech Calls Thinking by Adrian DaubNowhere Land by Kevin MacLeodLink: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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