How (Not) To Regulate Big Tech (Europe’s version)

On this episode of the Anti-Dystopians, Alina Utrata talks to Jennifer Cobbe, a senior research associate in the computer science department at Cambridge University. They discuss everything that’s wrong with surveillance capitalism, what the Tesco club card has to do with the surveillance state, the incoherent approach of the EU to regulating tech, how Brexit affected the UK’s ability of to control technology corporations, and how the law got us to where we are now.You can follow Jennifer on Twitter @jennifercobbe, Alina Utrata @alinautrata and the Anti-Dystopians podcast @AntiDystopians. Sign up for the Anti-Dystopians email newsletter at episodes of the Anti-Dystopians are hosted and produced by Alina Utrata and are freely available to all listeners. To support the production to the show, visit: Mentioned in this Podcast:Jennifer Cobbe, Algorithmic Censorship by Social Platforms: Power and ResistanceJulie Cohen, Between Truth and Power: The Legal Constructions of Informational CapitalismEvgeny Morozov, Capitalism’s New Clothes (critique of Shoshana Zuboff)Vice, Facebook Doesn’t Know What It Does With Your Data, Or Where It Goes: Leaked DocumentNowhere Land by Kevin MacLeodLink: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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