The eye of the tiger: conservation technology, rural surveillance and the patriarchy in Indian wildlife reserves

In this episode, Alina Utrata talks to Dr Trishant Simlai, a conservation researcher studying the politics and geographies of wildlife conservation in India, who just received his PhD in the Department of Geography at Cambridge. They discuss wildlife surveillance in the Corbett Tiger Reserve, as well as conservation’s colonial origins, how camera traps can be used to uphold the patriarchy, and when workplace surveillance technologies literally lead to tiger attacks.You can follow Trishant Simlai on Twitter @trishantsimlai Alina Utrata @alinautrata and the Anti-Dystopians podcast on @AntiDystopians. Sign up for the Anti-Dystopians email newsletter at episodes of the Anti-Dystopians are hosted and produced by Alina Utrata and are freely available to all listeners. To support the production to the show, visit: Reading: Negotiating the Gaze. Sanctuary Asia, December 2019Are Conservation Organizations Complicit in Ethnic Discrimination? The Wire 2017Grasslands of Grey: How the BBC's flawed Kaziranga muckraker has done harm. The Wire 2017:Are Treacherous Links and Claims an Illusion? Sanctuary Asia 2016Conservation 'Wars': The global rise of green militarization and trends in India. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol L No 50. 2015.Digital Surveillance Tech in Conservation and their social implicationsWhy we must question the militarisation of conservationHow does Conservation Tech Cause Harm?Conservation Surveillance as a means for state repression?Nowhere Land by Kevin MacLeodLink: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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