Episode 103: TAOT Between the Pod: Part 1 - SHUT UP ABOUT THAT SHOW (Bones)

If you listened to at least some of our Lucifer episodes, you are more than aware that we both have several shows that we NEED the other person to watch and would not shut up about. And before we start our new project (which by now should be out of the bag), we wanted to get at least ONE show (each) into our brains and hearts. So this week Lina finally watched the first three episodes of Bones. If you want this episode to make sense, so should you ;) IMPORTANT: At 1:05:00 Vero gets into spoilers because Lina asked for them, so if you do not want a few superficial spoilers, you need to stop the ep before that (only the outro happens afterwards) So join in for Lina's first watch of a show from 2005 for which Vero has all the nostalgia and Lina had none. (Oh and don't believe anything Lina says, at the point of this release, she has watched beyond season 5 ;) ) PS: Please forgive us for Vero's audio quality in this one, she used the wrong mic and we only realised 2 min before we were done... If you want, you can reach us via email at contact@taot-podcast.com (the lucifer one also still works) or use our social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/theappleoftruth Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taotpodcast and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taotpodcast Enjoy!Support The Apple of Truth: A Good Omens Podcast

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The Apple of Truth is a bi-weekly podcast where we nerd out about our favourite shows, episode by episode, while trying to stay spoiler free. Right now we are covering Good Omens, going deeper into those few episodes than you probably thought was possible (and necessary). Beware! There will be swearing, poking fun at religion, general overabundance of fangirling and probably pointless discussions, but since we have shitloads of fun with this, we hope you can laugh with us. We made a Patreon over at https://www.patreon.com/taotpodcast to help with the monthly costs of hosting and making a podcast. We hope that you might consider joining us in this small but amazing community.