Blending Tarot and Astrology with Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw is the host of ‘Cosmic Cousins’ astrology podcast and has made several contributions to the world of astrology and beyond. Here are some of their notable contributions:Promoting inclusivity and diversity: Hinshaw has been a vocal advocate for inclusivity and diversity in the astrology community. He has used his platform to highlight the work of astrologers from diverse backgrounds and has emphasized the importance of creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone.Educating and sharing knowledge: Through his podcast, Hinshaw has shared his knowledge of astrology and has made it accessible to a wider audience. He has covered various topics, from the basics of astrology to more advanced concepts, and has interviewed other astrologers to provide different perspectives.Exploring the intersection of astrology and spirituality: Hinshaw has explored the ways in which astrology can be used as a tool for spiritual growth and healing. He has discussed the connections between astrology and other spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, and tarot.Supporting community building: Hinshaw has created a community around his podcast, connecting with listeners through social media and organizing events such as meetups and workshops. He has emphasized the importance of building community and creating spaces for people to connect and learn from each other.Visit Cosmic Cousin's Website or go straight to the podcast here.Stream this episode Join The Aquarean+ You may be interested in Booking a reading with me Receiving your Monthly Zodiac ReadingChecking out my Tarot LibraryLearning Astrology using Oracle flashcards

Om Podcasten

This podcast is dedicated to anything and everything magical. If you're curious to know more about the psychic arts and the unseen world, or if you're fully immersed in all things "woo woo" and witchy, this is a podcast you'll want to follow. The host, Vanessa, is a psychic and Tarot reader, budding astrologer, and an occult enthusiast. She wanted to create a show that would both inform and entertain those who enjoy mystical conversation. Season 1 is all about Tarot, so get out your decks and join in.