Crime Analyst, Tarot Reader, and Forensic Psychic, Brandy Rachelle

This episode is dedicated to the Major Arcana card Justice. Not only is Brandy a Forensic psychic and crime analyst, she also happens to be a Libra. Listen as I ask about her transition from law enforcement to professional Tarot reading and the crazy story behind her early retirement from criminal investigation. If you haven’t yet, please follow this podcast so you don’t miss an episode and thank you to everyone who’s left me a rating and review. I am so glad this podcast has become a part of your lives. Let’s get on with the episode.Visit Brandy's website to book a reading and listen to podcast, Keepin it Symbol Stream this episode Join The Aquarean+ You may be interested in Booking a reading with me Receiving your Monthly Zodiac ReadingChecking out my Tarot LibraryLearning Astrology using Oracle flashcardsBrandy is a Professional Tarot Reader, Forensic Psychic, Podcaster, and Teacher. Outside of reading tarot for clients privately, serving as a Crime Analyst and Forensic Psychic to law enforcement agencies across the US, and co-hosting the Keepin' It Symbol podcast with Jennifer Steidley, she teaches on a wide variety of topics. Her passion involves teaching others how to enhance their psychic abilities and communicate with Spirit, deepen their tarot knowledge and Universal wisdom through advanced psychology and symbolism, and how to use their intuitive gifts and the guidance of tarot to assist law enforcement agencies and the families of victims and missing persons as a Forensic Psychic. Having traversed both worlds she understands the complex nature of each and where limitations prevent these two professions from working together in harmony. Her mission is to change the way in which the general public and law enforcement agencies view and engage with psychics and intuitives both personally and professionally.

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This podcast is dedicated to anything and everything magical. If you're curious to know more about the psychic arts and the unseen world, or if you're fully immersed in all things "woo woo" and witchy, this is a podcast you'll want to follow. The host, Vanessa, is a psychic and Tarot reader, budding astrologer, and an occult enthusiast. She wanted to create a show that would both inform and entertain those who enjoy mystical conversation. Season 1 is all about Tarot, so get out your decks and join in.