Introduction To Astrology

The questions I received were mostly about Astrology, so I  decided to split up how I will answer questions: we'll walk through astrology on the podcast and I'll answer other questions through YouTube videos. Excited to begin! Let's go over a short introduction to astrology first. Check out the History of Light PollutionSee Examples of the effects of Light PollutionCheck out if there's any Dark Skies near you!Check out my latest book "How to Read Tarot, Workbook for Beginners"Join my Mailing List for 3 Free Tarot Spreads!Instagram pages@v_aquarean (personal page)@aquareanzen (meditation page)

Om Podcasten

This podcast is dedicated to anything and everything magical. If you're curious to know more about the psychic arts and the unseen world, or if you're fully immersed in all things "woo woo" and witchy, this is a podcast you'll want to follow. The host, Vanessa, is a psychic and Tarot reader, budding astrologer, and an occult enthusiast. She wanted to create a show that would both inform and entertain those who enjoy mystical conversation. Season 1 is all about Tarot, so get out your decks and join in.