AOC 002: The Process of Composing Music

Episode 2 of the Art of Composing Podcast. In this episode, I talk about my music composition process. The goal here is not to have something complicated and strange, but to layout how I structure my composing sessions.
What is in this episode:

* What is the process of composing music? Hint - it's actually pretty obvious.
* What I do to prepare myself mentally for composing.
* Learn about zero-friction composing, and how it can benefit you.
* Listen, as I compose an entire piece of music, live on the podcast.
* See the complete piece below.

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

* Small Ternary Form
* My Soundcloud
* Bulletproof Coffee
* Sibelius
* Musescore
* Digital Performer

Below is the piece that I wrote for the episode.
Podcast Prelude No. 1
Podcast Predule No 1 - Full Score

Transcript - AOC 002

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Jon Brantingham talks about everything related to music composition, music theory, and creativity, to get you started on the right foot while learning to compose. Discover what you need to be doing to consistently grow as a budding composer, what tips and tricks will make the process a little less painful, and most importantly, what you can do to find your own composing voice. Jon is a composer, music composition teacher, business owner, former Army helicopter pilot, father and husband. He doesn't enjoy long walks on the beach, but instead prefers to jump in and surf. Whether you like to write in a classical or romantic style, like Jon, or you like to write 4 minutes of bleeps and bloops and call that music, or maybe you are a singer-songwriter, the Art of Composing podcast will be your guide to learning the art and craft of music composition.