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AOC 004: The Pathway to Mastery, Part 1

av The Art of Composing Podcast | Publicerades 12/28/2013

Episode 4 of the Art of Composing Podcast. This episode is all about starting on the pathway to mastery. What is mastery? Well, it is the state that you achieve, where you have almost magical powers of control over your chosen field. How do you achieve master? You'll just have to listen and find out. I also talk about how I started composing, how I got off the path towards my life's task, and what it took to get back on the pathway.
What is in this episode:

* What is mastery, and how do you achieve it.
* Jon - An Autobiography (kind of)
* How to identify your life's task using the 5 strategies from Mastery by Robert Greene.

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

* Mastery by Robert Greene
* War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Episode 4 Take Aways
Mastery is really about a state you can achieve, in which you have a power over reality that most people do not have. This power comes from fully absorbing all aspects of you life's task.

* Your life's task is the thing that you feel deep down, that you are called to do.
* To identify your life's task, you have five strategies:
* Returning to your origins is basically connecting with your true passions.
* Occupying the Perfect Niche is all about working your way towards a life that will support and nurture your life's task.
* Avoiding the false path is all about not being steered in the wrong direction.
* Letting Go of the Past is about looking at the direction you're life has been taking, and having the courage to say whether you've been on a false path, even if you've worked hard in a particular field.
* Finding Your Way Back is about being willing to make a cut with the progress you've made in order to get back on your true path towards mastery.

Transcript - AOC 004

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