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AOC 011: Partimenti and the Secrets of the Greatest Composers – An Interview with Robert Gjerdingen

av The Art of Composing Podcast | Publicerades 3/14/2016

Episode 11 of the Art of Composing Podcast. We interview Robert Gjerdingen, author of the book "Music in the Galant Style". We talk about Partimenti, the tool used to train the greatest composers from Mozart to Debussy and Stravinsky, as well as his new research into how music fits really well into constructionist linguistic theory.

What is in this episode:

* What Partimenti are and why you should care.
* How composers like Mozart would have actually learned to composed.
* How composition is very similar to speaking a language.

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Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Joint Improvisation by Alma Deutscher and Tobias Cramm

Four Improvisations for Piano by Arensky, Rachmaninov, Glazunov & Taneyev

Robert Gjerdingen's Book
Music in the Galant Style
*This is an affiliate link to amazon

Schema Theory as a Construction Grammar

Robert Gjerdingen’s Website

Monuments of Partimenti

Robert Gjerdingen’s Free Course On Playing Partimenti

1000 Harmonic Exercises by Anton Arensky

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