Learn how to enhance your film with beautiful aerial footage from drones

Drones can provide you with beautiful aerial footage. Tyler Chase says: enhance the production quality of any indie movie or music video. Learn how to enhance your film with beautiful aerial footage from drones. To learn more about Tyler and her work visit https://www.lorage.com/suas-drone-imagery/ If you would like to learn more about From the Heart Productions or Carole Dean please visit www.FromtheHeartProductions.com. 

Om Podcasten

The Art of Film Funding Podcast is to educate and inform filmmakers. Author/Grantor Carole Dean interviews top professionals from the film industry for up-to-date information on film funding, production, marketing, and hybrid distribution. You will learn how to crowdfund, make an ask for funding, save money on your budgets, hear top attorneys discuss new US and state tax funding and stay abreast of current trends in the industry. Carole is President and Founder of From the Heart Productions, the non-profit dedicated to providing independent filmmakers the information and help they need to get their films funded. Carole started and runs the three yearly Roy Dean Film Grants giving $25,000.00 each in cash and goods and services. She is author of The Art of Film Funding, Alternative Financing Concepts, second edition.