How to create longevity in the music industry: Charlie Ogbechie - Episode 3

In this episode of CM Pod, Bayo, Emeka and Josh speak with Marketing genius and co-founder of 'The Ends Festival' - Charlie Ogbechie. The group discuss Charlie's background and his transition from running events at universities to working with record labels to establishing himself as a respected enabler in the game. Follow Charlie on Twitter: @MrCharlieOG, Instagram: @MrCharlie_OG. Follow Creditz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn - @CreditzMusic. Follow the team - @Kaluugram, @bayoakins, @joshuadmf_ Sign up to join our waiting list and receive early access to the platforms

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'The Art of It' podcast is our official first podcast series that dives deeper into the business of Music and Technology. Co-hosts Charlie and Bayo bring expertise in Music from Distribution, Live, Record Labels, Grassroots youth music, and in Tech from Marketplace, Mobile, Crypto & Startups. Weekly Installments of open conversation on the biggest news and topics, as well as episodes with featured guests across Music & Tech. Follow Creditz on Instagram & LinkedIn - @CreditzMusic Subscribe & sign up to our newsletter at