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A Perfect Day

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How do our daytime activities affect our night's sleep? We break down the perfect day from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. We learn from Dr. Katherina Lederle, a sleep scientist and chronobiologist, and Nick Littlehales, an elite sports sleep coach, what we should do - and shouldn't. 

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Rituals helps you to slow down, take the time to relax, and find a moment of peace in your busy day. In the podcast series ’The Art of Sleep’ you learn from a variety of experts how you can improve and induce restful sleep. Join Dagmar Brusse, Creative Director at Rituals, and host Christopher Chambers on their journey of discovery into the world of sleep. 

This episode shows how our daytime activities affect our night rest. We'll start at the beginning of the day, as you wake up. What routines are healthy and helpful? Dr. Katherina Lederle is a sleep scientist and chronobiologist. She explains how you individually can find out what the best wake-up time is. Dr. Lederle has also a clear vision on how to start the day from the moment you're out of bed. 

Nick Littlehales is an elite sports sleep coach and works with top athletes all over the world. His approach is not looking at what you do in bed, but what you do during the day. And he zooms in on every detail, from the perfect time for having breakfast to the amount of coffee. But, most importantly, how you should deal with stress and fully scheduled days. His insights can also be found in his book 'Sleep'. 

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What's the secret to a good night's sleep? Rituals investigates, asking renowned sleep experts to share their refreshing – and sometimes surprising – insights. We unravel mysteries, dispel myths and discover how to improve your sleep routine.

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