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Setting the body clock

Are you a morning person or a night owl? It all comes down to your body clock. Oxford University Professor Russell Foster explains how it works and the steps you can take to regulate your personal body clock. Linda Geddes shares her experiences with changing her sleep patterns using daylight.

Episode notes

Rituals helps you to slow down, take the time to relax, and find a moment of peace in your busy day. In the podcast series ’The Art of Sleep’ you learn from a variety of experts how you can improve and induce restful sleep. Join Dagmar Brusse, Creative Director at Rituals, and host Christopher Chambers on their journey of discovery into the world of sleep.

This episode is dedicated to the body clock. How do we know when to go to sleep? Why are some people morning people and other people night owls? It’s all determined by our body clock – something scientists call the circadian rhythm; the system that determines our wakefulness. This internal system plays a crucial role in how we feel and performs all sorts of important functions in our body and brain.

Dr. Russell Foster is a professor and Head of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at Oxford University. He explains that even though our circadian rhythms are all slightly different, they’re all synchronised by one thing: daylight. Without this, our clocks would go wild and we’d eventually end up sleeping in the daytime and being wide awake at night.

Linda Geddes is an author and award-winning journalist. She has written the book ‘Chasing the Sun’ about how sunlight shapes our bodies and minds. She shares her experiences about an experiment she did, trying to change her body clock with daylight.

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