The Art We Make

A Break From Social Media

av The Art We Make | Publicerades 7/9/2019

Have ever wondered what would happen if you took a break and walked away from social media for a week or longer? This episode features a roundtable about how three artists (Sarah Johnson, Kathy Guttosch, and Anna Lentz) experienced a week of no social media. Follow Sarah Johnson @littlequeststolove Kathy Guttosch @twistshoutblog Anna Lentz @annalentz_art Visit our Patreon Page: A BIG thank you to Kevin Mcleod for using his music “Nowhere Land”.

Om Podcasten

The Art We Make is a podquest to determine why we make art and what art does for us! In each episode, I, Anna Lentz, will either sit down with an artist or maker to find out how their creativity is expressed and what impact is has on their life, or I will be sharing my philosophy of creativity in solo shows.