Episode 5: Interview with Kendis Paris, founder Truckers Against Trafficking

Kendis Paris founded Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), an organization that mobilizes the US trucking industry to fight human trafficking. TAT has registered and trained more than 850,000 professional drivers. TAT also played a key role in getting new policies approved that in many US states make spotting and reporting human trafficking activities a component of the mandatory professional driver's license trainings.

In the interview, Kendis explains how she found allies early on by making herself available to policy makers and administrators, traveling to spread her ideas, and being a bridge between administrators and the transportation industry. She also talks about the power of turning people into changemakers -- a core feature of many successful social entrepreneurs.

Key questions addressed in this episode include: What do social entrepreneurs have to do to promote policy changes? How can they support policy makers and administrators even without a big organization?

Om Podcasten

In 2020 Ashoka’s Globalizer launched a new podcast series on systems change with the first 6-episode season. That season was produced in partnership between Fergal Byrne, the host of the well-known Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs podcast, and Odin Muehlenbein, partner at Ashoka Germany and co-lead of the Systems Unit at Ashoka Globalizer. The first season explores how experienced social entrepreneurs - Jordan Kassalow, Jeroo Billimoria, Michael Sani, Kendis Peris - and Silvia Bastante, as a supporter to social entrepreneurs at Co-Impact, use systems change approaches in their work. Complement listening to the first season with reading the “Systemic and Empowering” report featuring five case studies of social entrepreneurs working to improve systems - https://lac.ashoka.org/story/systemic-and-empowering. In early 2021, we continue to explore the topic of systems change and are launching the second mini-season with 4 episodes. This time we will explore how social entrepreneurs can effectively work with governments to improve systems together. This season is co-hosted by Sascha Haselmayer, a seasoned social entrepreneur and an Ashoka Fellow who has worked with 135 municipal governments across the world to improve the provision of public services, and Olga Shirobokova, co-lead of the Systems Unit at Ashoka Globalizer. The 2nd podcast season complements the free online course for social entrepreneurs on Working With Government that Ashoka launched in fall 2020: www.ashoka.org/working-with-government . Please listen to the podcast on the platform of your choice and leave an honest review. Share it with fellow changemakers and funders and continue the conversation using #systemschange and @ashoka. We can all have more impact together if we work systemically.