Climate Communication and Community Action with Peyton Thomas and Dakota Jones

Recorded in the French Alps, Huw speaks to scientist and runner Peyton Thomas about her research and how she engages people with Science Communication. And Dakota Jones who runs Footprints Running camp that engages runners and scientists with communities to take action on climate. For more on Peyton visit And for Dakota/Footprints visit And to learn more head to Supported by UpClear Global.

Om Podcasten

In a natural environment where so many athletes spend so many hours, there is so much to know. The Athlete Climate Academy podcast, hosted by Kilian Jornet and Huw James, aims to bring science closer to athletes in an easy and friendly way. At a time when climate change is advancing unabated, we need to provide the tools and knowledge of what climate change means globally and locally. Understanding the effects of climate change on ecosystems and becoming aware of what we can do to reduce our footprint. For the transition to sustainability, knowledge is as important as a good attitude.