The Future of Glaciers with Matthias Huss

Kilian speaks to geographer Matthias Huss about the future of our glaciers and what it means for the planet. The demise of glaciers can't be reversed but what can we do to slow it down and keep something for future generations. Follow Matthias and his excellent science communication at And learn more with The Athlete Climate Academy at

Om Podcasten

In a natural environment where so many athletes spend so many hours, there is so much to know. The Athlete Climate Academy podcast, hosted by Kilian Jornet and Huw James, aims to bring science closer to athletes in an easy and friendly way. At a time when climate change is advancing unabated, we need to provide the tools and knowledge of what climate change means globally and locally. Understanding the effects of climate change on ecosystems and becoming aware of what we can do to reduce our footprint. For the transition to sustainability, knowledge is as important as a good attitude.