Atomic Show #305 – Oliver Stone and Joshua Goldstein Co-Writers Nuclear Now

On Apr 28, the much anticipated film, Nuclear Now, will premier in selected theaters in New York, Sedona and Los Angeles. It will remain available in those venues for a week. On May 1, 2023, the film will be shown at 350 theaters across the US and Canada. The film is co-written by Oliver Stone and Joshua Goldstein. Here is a blurb about the film. Nuclear Now takes viewers on an educational and thought-provoking journey with legendary director Oliver Stone, as he explores the powerful impact of nuclear energy. The looming climate crisis remains unresolved, and the volume of carbon-free electricity needed over the next 30 years is almost unimaginable. This insightful documentary aims to remove the fears associated with nuclear energy and highlight the sustainability and affordability it can bring in the pursuit of restoring the world’s ecosystems and economies. I spoke with Oliver and Joshua to delve more deeply into the reasons why they are so passionate about their self-assigned task to correct long held beliefs about nuclear energy. We talk about their personal journeys from being reflexively opposed to nuclear energy to become committed proponents that see nuclear as an important tool for mankind. Paraphrasing one of Oliver’s observations from our discussion, nuclear energy is a gift, perhaps the greatest gift ever given to man. It is currently one of our greatest missed opportunities. Paraphrasing Joshua, nuclear has proven that it can scale, and scale quickly to make a major contribution towards reducing man-made CO2 while producing high quality, abundant energy. You can find a list of theaters that will be showing the film here. Almost all of the showings will be on Nuclear Now Day (May 1, 2023), but there are exceptions to this general rule in San Luis Obispo, Breckenridge, Fairfield, Idaho Falls, Martha’s Vineyard, Minneapolis, Columbus, and Dallas. There is a pretty good chance of finding a venue in most metropolitan areas. Digital versions will be widely available sometime during the summer of 2023. Here is the Nuclear Now trailer. At the 0:46 mark, you will see and hear me saying one of my favorite words. Disclosure: I play a modest role in Nuclear Now as one of the interviewed experts.

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