001 - how to hack auditions

if you get rejected from an audition, should you just practice the exact same way and try again? ...HELL NO! to me, auditions are just a game. you prepare for audition day in a particular way, and you test that particular system of preparation by going to the audition and seeing what happens. once it's over, you carefully analyze what happened, brainstorm tweaks to your audition preparation process, and try again using a new and improved system. the most important thing you can do is tweak the details of how you actually practice. in today's episode, i'll go over: my audition journey and how i ended up winning the met opera job, 3 of my favorite audition hacks, and the one thing that's so much more meaningful than the result of the audition. thanks to laura from brussels for her awesome question! if you want to ask a question to be answered on a future episode, go to robknopper.com/ask and to learn the 5-step audition preparation process i used to win my met opera audition, download the audition cheat sheet at robknopper.com/auditioncheatsheet

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hi, i’m rob. i'm a percussionist in the met opera in new york city, and my goal is to help you win an orchestra audition quicker and easier than i did. during my decade-long career of (mostly) failed auditions, i've struggled through disappointment, rejection, intense nerves, and hopelessness. but i've personally overcome each of these to win my job. i've also helped musicians all over the world break through their struggles to get to finals and win auditions. with the right work ethic and preparation methods, i truly believe that anyone can win an orchestra job like mine.