002 - how i won the met audition

i'll remember the day forever: may 20th, 2011. i started the day waking up on molly yeh's couch on 96th street, and ended the day carrying two bottles of dewar's scotch whisky into a friend's apartment to celebrate something i never thought i could achieve. that day changed my life. it still boggles my mind that it happened. well, to be honest, it actually didn't start that morning. it started in mid-january of that year, when i received the repertoire list in the mail about 4 months before audition day. i remember opening the packet of music. it was LONG. there were 54 excerpts on the list including 3 solo works. between january and may of that year i worked harder than i ever have before. over 4 months, i went through a carefully designed series of steps meant to learn and polish the excerpts, and trained myself to perform them consistently at a high level. auditions aren't a mystery. they're not a magical art. auditions are something that you can learn and master. the key to mastering audition preparation is to build and develop a better set of steps between the day you get the list and the day of the audition. i truly believe that i don't have any kind of innate talent. what sets me apart is that i developed an audition preparation process that brought my playing to a high level on that one day. my process consists of 5 major steps, and it's what i'll go over in detail on today's episode. if you'd like to follow along while you listen, download my audition cheat sheet at robknopper.com/auditioncheatsheet. in this episode, .you'll learn about: what happened the moment i heard that i won the audition, my biggest audition struggles (including nerves) and how i overcame them, and the 5 steps of my audition preparation process that led to my winning audition. i also answered an awesome question submitted by richard. thanks richard! if you want to ask a question to be answered on a future episode, go to robknopper.com/ask. and please leave a rating and review! i'd love to hear your feedback and ideas for future episodes.

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hi, i’m rob. i'm a percussionist in the met opera in new york city, and my goal is to help you win an orchestra audition quicker and easier than i did. during my decade-long career of (mostly) failed auditions, i've struggled through disappointment, rejection, intense nerves, and hopelessness. but i've personally overcome each of these to win my job. i've also helped musicians all over the world break through their struggles to get to finals and win auditions. with the right work ethic and preparation methods, i truly believe that anyone can win an orchestra job like mine.