"Welcome To Fatherhood" Podcast (Preview Clip) S5E35

I wanted to share that you can listen to me on the "Welcome To Fatherhood" podcast. Kelly Jean-Philippe and I had a great conversation about what being a Dad means. Check it out at the link below, and subscribe to Kelly's pod. :-) https://welcome2fatherhood.com/listen Mentioned in this episode: Listen to the "Welcome To Fatherhood" Podcast Kelly started the Welcome To Fatherhood Podcast after he and his beautiful wife welcomed their baby boy in the Spring of 2020. Not only was parenthood a brand new experience for their family, the societal context at the time of the birth, both local and global, played a huge role in the challenges Kelly faced as a first time father. While experiencing the most life changing event ever to occur to him, Kelly’s early days as a father was fraught with anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and unrest. Welcome To Fatherhood Podcast became a way for Kelly to openly talk about the experiences of his fatherhood journey as it unfolded. He welcomes fellow fathers and contributors to openly share stories about their pain and inspiration, successes and shortcomings, in parenting and fatherhood. His casual conversational approach stems from training as a skilled Spiritual Care provider in both adult and pediatric settings throughout Philadelphia over the past 7 years. His questions are thoughtful and inviting, treating his audience to various unexpected, vulnerable, and serendipitous moments of honesty and introspection; a treat for both guest and host. The mission of Welcome To Fatherhood Podcast is to reshape cultural assumptions about fathers for a more equitable attitude toward both parenting roles. This platform serves to gives voice to the authentic stories of everyday fathers in order to celebrate and uphold fatherhood equally to motherhood. Welcome To Fatherhood Podcast

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Welcome to The Autism Dad podcast. After writing my multiple award-winning blog for over 13 years, I created this podcast to reach parents in a new, engaging way. If you're a parent or caregiver raising an autistic child, a child with ADHD, or a child with a disability, this podcast is absolutely for you. You will hear from amazing guests, including Dr. Temple Grandin, Kate Swenson (Finding Cooper's Voice), Eileen Lamb (The Autism Cafe), Cody Singer, and over 100 more. I highlight both parents and autistic voices on this show because there's so much we can learn from each other. I take on important topics that apply to your life, with the help of experts, parents, and autistic voices. New episodes release every Monday, and I hope you'll tune in.