Battling the Shadows with Moni Meredith (founder of Shadow Camp)

Trigger Warning: This episode touches on sexual abuse.You are going to get SO much out of this episode with Moni Meredith.Having spent most of her own life battling the shadows of her childhood trauma, Moni has a deep passion for mental health.  As a victim of sexual abuse as a child she has had to overcome great adversity in her life, both mentally and physically.  An actress you may recognise from Shortland Street & Go Girls, she is also a personal trainer with over 15yrs experience and is the founder of Shadowcamp, an online training community  which has over 1000 members worldwide.  In this episode she chats with me about that journey, how she got through her lowest point, her relationship with her body, shadow camp, her non negotiable behaviours & more!  Some heavy topics but also a good laugh. You can follow Moni on Instagram at @monimeredith.ptDon't forget to join my private Facebook group to discuss the podcast and get body image support:

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