Behind The Scenes with Annalee Kemsley

Today you are going to see a very different side to Makeup Artist and Content Creator, and my friend Annalee Kemsley.   She has made a name for herself in the beauty and lifestyle industries working on countless campaigns with huge international brands such as YSL, Glasshouse Fragrances, MECCA, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown & Walt Disney to name a few.  But today we aren't talking about makeup -  we are going behind the scenes and getting personal, which is not something that Annalee does often online. So grab a coffee while we chat about her upbringing and how that effected her body image, the pressures of social media, the benefits of therapy, how she protects her space, and much more!To chat about this episode, or any of the other episodes, come join my private Facebook group:

Om Podcasten

Welcome to The Balance Project Podcast! Join Justine from My Balance Project and special guests talking all things body image. Justine will be chatting with guests from all walks of life about making a positive shift in their very personal body image journeys and how their relationships with their bodies have evolved over time. Real stories from real people, how they have changed their mindset, their lives, and their bodies for good! Justine gets up close & personal, and talks about the reality of making a positive change for yourself. Yes, it will be inspiring, interesting, and, we promise, entertaining! Sharing, learning, and inspiring others to make a positive change in their own lives.