Talking Sex & Exploring Self Love with Morgan Penn

Join me as I chat to the amazing Morgan Penn who is a somatic sexologist & award winning podcaster from The Trainee Sexologist and   This is a biggie!! We talk about SO much in this hour - we are going to learn about what a somatic sexologist does and what a day in the life looks like for her in her profession.  We delve into the difference in views on sex based on age, and the normalisation of sexual language in 2023 vs maybe 20yrs ago, building your body self esteem and of course, we talk about her relationship with her own body and how her body image has evolved. This was a really powerful conversation for me (low key a therapy session!),  I hope you get a lot out of it too.Join my private Facebook group to chat about the podcast and get body image support x

Om Podcasten

Welcome to The Balance Project Podcast! Join Justine from My Balance Project and special guests talking all things body image. Justine will be chatting with guests from all walks of life about making a positive shift in their very personal body image journeys and how their relationships with their bodies have evolved over time. Real stories from real people, how they have changed their mindset, their lives, and their bodies for good! Justine gets up close & personal, and talks about the reality of making a positive change for yourself. Yes, it will be inspiring, interesting, and, we promise, entertaining! Sharing, learning, and inspiring others to make a positive change in their own lives.