S2E12: Trump vs. Biden and the Western Balkans

What has the US presidency done for the Western Balkan region the past 4 years? Would a re-election of Donald Trump be the best outcome for the region, of would they be better off with a Biden-led administration? The upcoming US election will have an impact all over the world, and not the least in the Western Balkans. We analyse what has happened the last few years with regards to US-Western Balkans relations and the geopolitical game that surrounds the region. There are important differences between both presidential candidates when it comes to their Western Balkan-policy (or lack thereof), and believe it or not, Donald Trump and Joe Biden both have their own history related to the Balkans.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-balkan-talks/message

Om Podcasten

Sanir Pasalic and Sandro Slijepcevic are the hosts of The Balkan Talks podcast, where they talk about developments in the fields of news and business related to the Western Balkans region. Guests are regularly invited to talk about their experiences with the Western Balkans. By sharing insight and knowledge, we hope that our listeners will learn something about the Western Balkans region and will be motivated to do their own further research for business or other cooperations. Follow us on Instagram (@wbbgofficial), LinkedIn (Western Balkans Business Group) or on Facebook (WBBusinessGroup)!