S2E4: Business Opportunities in the Western Balkans

If you were to start doing business in the Western Balkans today, where would you start? A question often asked, and our hosts Sanir and Sandro take their time talking to you about all the business opportunities that exist in the region nowadays. Learn about experiences from others, about the opportunities in various industries and more relevant information that's of use to anybody looking to do business in the region. A number of questions from listeners are dissected and talked about once more, and we encourage you to keep sending them in! You might earn yourself a spot in the next episode of The Balkan Talks! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-balkan-talks/message

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Sanir Pasalic and Sandro Slijepcevic are the hosts of The Balkan Talks podcast, where they talk about developments in the fields of news and business related to the Western Balkans region. Guests are regularly invited to talk about their experiences with the Western Balkans. By sharing insight and knowledge, we hope that our listeners will learn something about the Western Balkans region and will be motivated to do their own further research for business or other cooperations. Follow us on Instagram (@wbbgofficial), LinkedIn (Western Balkans Business Group) or on Facebook (WBBusinessGroup)!