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"Looksmaxing" The Answer For Incels?

"Looksmaxing" The Answer For Incels?Ever wondered what is an incel? Incels are an internet subculture of frustrated young men known to spend their time browsing incel forums such as and on incel subreddits such as r/incels and r/braincels. Incels even use their own terminology for different types of people like “Chad” for attractive men who are very successful with girls and “Stacey” for the hot blonde girls. Typical incels relate to the most famous incel Elliot Rodger and they all have trouble with women. Elliot Rodger is even seen as a hero by many of them. This is what most of the popular and cringe reddit incel posts are about. Incels post in their online communities called incel forums like to share their views and attitudes on life.Some people wonder about the reddit incels where are they now? Many of the reddit incels have turned from their ways and are now finding success! Some incels have even been featured in the incel documentary. Reddit incels, although cringe at times, can all find success and we believe in them!For more daily internet subculture content subscribe to BasedShaman and become a member of the LOCKJAW CREW today!!!Products I Use & Recommend→ The Best Web Hosting→ Stay SAFE Online→ Studio Mic→ Mic Arm→ Mic Shock Mount→ Mic Processing Software→ Studio Headphones→ Noiseless Mouse→ Cloud Storage: Services I Offer→ Voice-Over:→ One-on-One Advice: Support the Show!→ Donate Via PayPal!→ Join our Patreon!→ Check Out Our Merch! This description contains Amazon affiliate links that when purchases are made through I may earn a commission.#incel #incels

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