The Holy Lornography - Chapter 7

To Catch a Predator was a show that aired on Dateline NBC which featured Chris Hansen confronting men who got busted in sting operations.Join BasedShaman as we learn about To Catch a Predator and the men who were caught on it. The most famous man to be featured on To Catch a Predator was Lorne Armstrong, who became the subject of The Church of Cawd (an online community). Once Lorne Armstrong showed up at the sting house in Bowling Green Kentucky during the To Catch a Predator investigation, his life would never be the same again. The TCAP community was born and will live on forever.BasedShaman has read many To Catch a Predator Chat Logs and analyzed them as well. This chat log analyzation covers well known TCAP legends like Lorne Armstrong, Jeff Stacy, Dustin McPhetridge and Cody Green.The To Catch a Predator chatlogs are humorous at times when you see how ridiculous many of the TCAP legends really were. Products I Use & Recommend→ The Best Web Hosting→ Stay SAFE Online→ Studio Mic→ Mic Arm→ Mic Shock Mount→ Mic Processing Software→ Studio Headphones→ Noiseless Mouse→ Cloud Storage: Services I Offer→ Voice-Over:→ One-on-One Advice: Support the Show!→ Donate Via PayPal!→ Join our Patreon!→ Check Out Our Merch! This description contains Amazon affiliate links that when purchases are made through I may earn a commission.#basedshaman #tcap #tocatchapredator

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